OpenFOAM Projects and Collaboration

Over the years, a number of people have used FOAM/OpenFOAM in their research and produced PhD theses based on their work. This can be used as a valuable guidance of quality, capabilities, influence and power of FOAM in the scientific community.

Every effort has been made to collect all material from past research and make it available here - please feel free to contribute.

Author and year



Hrvoje Jasak, PhD 1996

Error analysis and estimation in the Finite Volume method with applications to fluid flows

Imperial College, London
Onno Ubbink, PhD 1997

Numerical prediction of two fluid systems with sharp interfaces

Imperial College, London
David Hill, PhD 1998

The computer simulation of dispersed two-phase flows

Imperial College London
Jenny Hutchings, PhD 2000

On modelling the mass of Arctic sea ice

University College London
Vlado Tropsa, PhD 2001

Predicting residual stresses due to solidification in cast plastic plates

Imperial College, London
Daniel Brennan, PhD 2001

The numerical simulation of two-phase flows in settling tanks

Imperial College, London
Henrik Rusche, PhD 2002

Computational fluid dynamics of dispersed two-phase flows at high phase fractions

Imperial College, London
Aleksandar Karac, PhD 2003

Drop impact of fluid-filled polyethylene containers

Imperial College, London
Franjo Juretic, PhD 2004

Error analysis in finite volume CFD

Imperial College, London
Zeljko Tukovic, PhD 2005

Finite volume method on domains of varying shape, in Croatian

University of Zagreb, Croatia
Petra Brajdic-Mitidieri, PhD 2005

Advanced Modelling of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication

Imperial College, London
Giuseppe Franco, MSc 2005

Development of numerical software for simulations of drying processes in cement-bonded castables

Universita degli studi di Trieste
Eugene de Villiers, PhD 2006

The Potential of Large Eddy Simulation for the Modeling of Wall Bounded Flows

Imperial College, London
Vincent Rivola, Thesis Report 2007

Comparative Study of the CFD codes Mistral and OpenFOAM

R-Tech, Hotel d' Entreprises - Parc Technologique Cap Delta
Luca Mangani, PhD 2008

Development and Validation of an Object Oriented CFD Solver for Heat Transfer and Combustion Modeling in Turbomachinery Applications

Universita degli studi di Firenze

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